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Re: Problem compiling cygwin1.dll from CVS

On Thu, 15 Jan 2004, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> On Thu, Jan 15, 2004 at 11:52:51AM +0100, Gabriel SOUBIES wrote:
> >I finally managed to re-build Cygwin, and your hint helped me a lot!
> >The problem was that i was downloading the sources using Cygwin's CVS
> >on a machine where Cygwin had been installed in NT mode (not by me).
> >Then I burned the sources and tried to compile on my machine, where
> >Cygwin is installed in Unix mode.  I had Cygwin reinstalled in Unix
> >mode on the machine I used for downloading and that solved everything.
> >Maybe a note about this problem could be added to the FAQ page named
> >"How do I rebuild the tools on my NT box?" ...
> Nope.  I routinely build cygwin with text mode mounts with no problems
> at all.  I don't know why you were having problems but we're certainly
> not going to document a bug.
> cgf

This is not a text mode mount problem.  This is a problem of downloading
files in text mode, and then transferring them over to a binary mount
(without appropriate conversion), so you get CRLF files on binary mounts.
Which is a peculiar (and, IIUC, unsupported) mode of operation.  FWIW, I
agree with CGF - this doesn't merit documenting.  It's in the archives,
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