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Re: MS offers "Services For Unix" free of charge

Andrew DeFaria wrote:

Last I checked SFU's NFS was just DiskAccess and the POSIX was merely a 30-day trial of MKS.

30-day trial? It's actually a subset of the MKS toolkit, but is not 30-day restricted in any way. Previously, if you paid the $99, you got most of what you would need anyway. Now it's free and unrestricted.

What SFU 3.x adds is that everything has been ported to the underlying Interix API, which is they claim is "not an emulation layer like Cygwin" (nice to see them acknowledge Cygwin!), but apparently is a 1st-class NT subsystem.

I plan to try it out soon and see how well it interoperates with Cygwin. Obviously some things overlap (services, for instance - even with SFU, they have two telnet servers, so this isn't something new or unexpected).

What'll be interesting is all those cross-toolkit usages (like starting a Cygwin bash with "tty" from the SFU sh and seeing if things misbehave :-). Nothing will be reported as a "Cygwin bug", I promise :-).

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