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Re: shortcuts on win2k

At 03:39 PM 1/15/2004, Steve you wrote:
>All the cygwin user's gude had to say about symlinks is that they do not have all the property info that windoze shortcuts have, ......which doesn't bother me.
>I want to use symlinks ( ln -s ) as I do in gnu/linux.
>I made some today on my win2k box at work.
>They worked fine in the cd command, but I could not get automcomplete to expand lists on the symlinks.  cygstart did not seem to work with them.
>Using "ls" with a symlink only lists the symlink, the dir it points to.
>Is this normal, do symlinks have less features on cygwin such that they are not "as good as the dir/file" being there......or am I missing something?

Apparently, you're missing something. ;-)  I'm not sure I know exactly what
you did and what you saw but I tried everything you mentioned in some
form and it worked just fine for me.  You should look closer at what you
did and see if you can find the source of the problem.  If you cannot 
and need to consult the list again on this issue, first visit:

>Problem reports:

and follow the recommendation there.  I'd also recommend that you 
provide annotated input and output of cases that you have problems with.  
This will allow others to duplicate your steps exactly and determine if 
there's anything "unusual" about your process.

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