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Re: deleting a file ending with a dot

Baurjan, et al --

[Does anyone know why this thread is showing up in my inbox instead of
being properly filtered?  Has there been a list address change?]

...and then Baurjan Ismagulov said...
% > But I wonder how you created this file in the first place.  It
% > seems to me that trailing dots are removed.
% Wow! What are the versions of Windows, cygwin and tar? I use 2000,
% 1.3.22, 1.13.25.

I'd say you've stumbled onto a strange situation rather than that a
different version of Windows will behave differently; the general
behavior is that the dot is really transparent and only there for
the 8.3 separation, so if you try to create a trailing dot file the
dot is ignored.  Of course, you broke it ;-)

Have you tried letting your wildcards help you?  Things like

  bash -
  rm cachedmetric*
  mv cachedmetric* cm

  cmd -
  del cachedmetric*
  move cachedmetric* cm
  ren cachedmetric* cm

might work if this is the only file that matches the pattern.

% With kind regards,
% Baurjan.


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