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Re: MS offers "Services For Unix" free of charge

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

On Jan 15 00:38, Chris January wrote:

On Wed, Jan 14, 2004 at 04:26:03PM -0500, Robb, Sam wrote:

But beyond curiosity, there's not many reasons to install and
use both, at least concurrently. Cygwin and SFU both address
the same needs and Cygwin covers a wider range of tools. We'll
see what happens though.

One thing that Cygwin does lack, and SFU has, is an NFS client :-/
I know that alone will probably entice me into taking a look at

It would be rather interesting to add nfs to cygwin.  We could develop
filesystem "plug-ins" which could be generalized for stuff like NFS,
EXTFS, etc.

Didn't someone say they had a free month? Perfect project. :-)

Isn't the SFU NFS client an installable file system, i.e. you can use it
anywhere in Windows, not just with the SFU stuff?

Sort of. A couple of DLLs, one or more services get started. Then you can access the NFS paths from any Windows application.

The problem with that NFS client is this:

Even though it allows mapping between UNIX user names (from the evil
"other" side) and Windows user names, it doesn't map the POSIX permission
bits into NTFS like permissions.  If you look into the file property box,
you'll see no "Security" tab.  The file access from Windows is a bit like
access to files on FAT partitions.  The permissions are statically set in
an administration MMC snap-in.

That's the unfortunate part which, for me, makes the NFS client in SFU


I'm not a particular fan of MS NFS client (slow), and I don't know what version you worked with, but V3.0 client certainly can set user/group/other permissions, in other words, there is a security tab.
The mmc snapin functions as the equivilent of umask in UNIX.
Root_squashing is available on the server side as well.


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