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RE: Cygwin/DBD::ODBC issue

Hi Tommie,

DBD::ODBC seems like a very useful module to have available for Cygwin.
Could you post the patch you ended up having? I'll try to get it to the maintainer(s).

Also, what ODBC driver manager did you use? What is your ODBCHOME environment variable set to?


>-----Original Message-----
>From: [] On Behalf Of Jones, Tommie
>Sent: Friday, January 16, 2004 12:47 AM
>To: Jeff Urlwin; David Claughton;
>Subject: RE: Cygwin/DBD::ODBC issue
>Hello all.
>Just to conclude this issue. Not only was there a problem with where sqltypes.h file was located. I
>also had an issue with 4 or 5 types missing. I had to add a few typedefs like UWORD and PTR to
>I'm using the most recent version of cygwin 5.0 (I updated it yesterday. Sorry I dont know much about
>cygwin, don't know how to identify the version.)
>So I found three issues listed in the order of discovery.
>1. spaces prefixing the NOOP in the makefile
>2. wrong version of sqltypes
>3. missing types needed by sqltypes.

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