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RE: Cygwin/DBD::ODBC issue

>-----Original Message-----
>From: [] On Behalf Of Gerrit P. Haase
>Sent: Saturday, January 17, 2004 9:17 AM
>To: Rafael Kitover
>Subject: Re: Cygwin/DBD::ODBC issue
>Hallo Rafael,
>Am Freitag, 16. Januar 2004 um 23:56 schriebst du:
>> Hi Tommie,
>> DBD::ODBC seems like a very useful module to have available for
>> Cygwin. Could you post the patch you ended up having? I'll try to
>> get it to the maintainer(s).
>> Also, what ODBC driver manager did you use? What is your ODBCHOME
>> environment variable set to?
>Builds ok using libiodbc-3.51.1 ( ) besides
>$ make
>Makefile:300: *** missing separator.  Stop.
>$ make test
>/bin/perl.exe "-MExtUtils::Command::MM" "-e" "test_harness(0, 'blib/lib', 'blib/arch')" t/*.t
>        all skipped: DBI_DSN is undefined
>Hmmm, need a database to run more useful tests...
>There is nameclash, postgresql-7.4.1-3 includes the file
>/usr/include/sqltypes.h and libiodbc-3.51.1 includes a file with the
>same name, additional there is a file with the same name included in
>the w32api-2.4-1 package, though this is in the /usr/include/w32api
>directory and is picked up at last from gcc.

Yup, the postgres maintainer Jason Tishler resolved this issue,
so upgrading postgres removes its version from /usr/include.

Installing libiodbc into /usr/local would probably allow playing with, with
the right -I flags, but would have to be fixed at some point and sent
upstream anyway. W32api has a sqltypes.h that is part of the MS platform SDK,
so that's all good.

As an aside, I'm preparing an ITP of GNU Stow,
with some Cygwin specific utility scripts to make it easier for people
to make and distribute unofficial Cygwin binaries and to maintain local

>I can send you patches to build libiodbc and MyODBC with shared
>libraries, however, I was not able to figure out how connect my local
>MySQL server via DBD::ODBC.

Please do! I'll happily play with it :)

Another thought, I saw that you built a Cygwin version of MySQL, but you
have some outstanding issues with it. It would be very cool to have a
mysql-client package in Cygwin, that would work with the native,
Cygwin and UNIX (over the network) versions of MySQL, and should probably
build without too many problems.

>The MyODBC driver works as expected (it is linked against libiodbc as
>is DBD::ODBC) but DBD::ODBC fails for some reason.

I'll take a crack at it, and see if I can persuade it to talk ODBC
directly to Access, Excel, SQL Server and such. Having dbi work with
those would be quite cool :)

Other crazy projects I'm working on right now ... figuring out why screen
reverted to 80x25 term sizes within screens with current snapshots and CVS,
writing a Cygwin kernel for pidentd, which may end up forcing me to implement
/proc/net/tcp, still trying to figure out how to map NT users to processes
without resorting to the DDK api, patching setrlimit to not complain when
it is used with stub values (SOMETHING_INFINITY iirc) for unsupported limits.

And now figuring out why every shell script on my system is starting to produce
stackdumps with STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION... time to reinstall Cygwin looks like.




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