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RE: SSH key authentification problem

At 07:56 AM 1/19/2004, Marc Poppleton you wrote:
>> There is not a lot else the Cygwin list can help with as it appears from
>> the verbose output you previously posted that the Cygwin ssh client is
>> doing exactly what it should and the problem lies with the Linux sshd
>> server.
>That all I actually needed to know! :)
>I was affraid that something was going wrong on my side, but it seems that
>my client is behaving has it should.
>Thanks for your help, all of you. I'm forwarding these mail to the admin so
>he can figure out what he did wrong.

One thing you should also note as a result of this statement from you:

>I've installed cygwin and followed the instructions found here :

Cygwin provides installation scripts to set up both ssh and sshd as well
as instructions on how to use them (/usr/share/doc/Cygwin/openssh.README).
The reason this information is available is because this is the recommended
way to install openssh on Cygwin.  I expect you weren't aware of this 
information and went looking elsewhere, ending up at the URL you posted.
Still, you really do need to install in the recommended way if you want 
this list to help you out.  We can't be responsible for mis-configuration 
information that you get from other sites and there's generally too much
traffic on this list to debug everyone's custom initial configuration.  So,
if the admin thinks the problem is still on your end, I'd make the following

  1. Read /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/openssh.README
  2. Use the /bin/ssh-*-config scripts it mentions to configure your
  3. If you have trouble, try starting the local server and see if you 
     can get it to work.
  4. If that fails, read 'man ssh', 'man sshd', 'man ssh_config', and
     'man sshd_config'.  There's lots of information there that will help
     you understand how to configure and use openssh.
  5. If you're still having problems, visit <>
     before reposting to this list and provide this information it requests,
     along with relevant openssh logs and files (like the ones you were
     providing).  Someone should be able to help you with any problem you're
     having with the local openssh server.  Once you have that working, 
     you're in good shape to argue with your admin (or tell him/her nicely
     what configuration you need to get this to work ;-) ).


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Holliston, MA 01746                     

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