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Re: Re: Re: CPAN Upload: N/NI/NI-S/Tk-804.025_beta14.patch.gz

Dominix <> writes:
>from my point of view Cygwin expand a lot Win32 capabilities with a very
>small footprint, and as a serious Open source project it had a very
>responsive support throught his mailling list ( ) that you
>can browse throught NNTP, thanks to gmane.   or
>> Again I am not saying you mixed the options, I am saying that
>> the #ifdef-s got mangled by me applying patches from folk
>> where neither I nor the person that supplied the patch understanding
>> what is going on. So if you understand cygwin you can send me
>> patches that move #ifdef-s or mess with config process to fix it.
>I'll try, with a little help from my friends ...  :-)

I would really much rather someone (you?) that knows cygwin and wants 
Tk became took care of this - if their support is as good as you say 
then given that it "used to work" and Linux/XFree86 and Win32 Native 
both work now it cannot be too far wrong.

Personally I haven't a "need" for Cygwin - I do most of my develoment 
(home and work) on Linux. When I need Win32 I want native apps to avoid 
complicated dependancies (and in work case licence paranoia from management).
I am more than willing to apply patches to make Tk work, but don't 
have expertise to diagnose problems.

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