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Re: cat.exe doesn't show entire file in Command Prompt

On Tue, 20 Jan 2004, Chris Eidem wrote:

> Hello all,
> I've just installed cygwin 1.5.5 on an XP Pro/SP1 box.  Everything works
> according to Hoyle in a bash shell through rxvt (wow, what a great
> tool), yet when I attempt to use cat.exe to show a file in the Windows
> Command Prompt Window, I get a partial file listing.  Has this happened
> to anyone?


Hmm, does this happen *only* in the command prompt window, or also in

> It seems to stop at the same point in a specific file, but that point
> differs by file.  I mean to say that in file xyz.txt it will stop at
> character 96 (let's say), but in file 123.txt it will stop at character
> 152.  I don't where to look for more info, but I'll happily supply any
> info requested.

Try using "cat -A" or "od -c" on the failing file, and see if there's some
special non-printing character in that file at that position.  Also, make
sure you're using the right "cat" (i.e., the Cygwin one).

> Thanks,
>  - chris
> cygcheck -svr:
> [inline cygcheck output snipped]

Oh, and next time, please *attach* the cygcheck output.  Including it
inline increases the number of false positive hits in archive searches.
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