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Re: cygwin without Win32

The following message is a courtesy copy of an article
that has been posted to gmane.os.cygwin as well.

> * Christopher Faylor <pts-ab-crefbany-ercyl-cyrnfr@pltjva.pbz> [2004-01-20 12:13:36 -0500]:
>>> > I wonder how close to an approximation of reality a simple
>>> > poll/form on the front page would generate?
>>>   I wonder if running a script across the list archive to extract
>>> all the cycheck output and counting the different systems that way
>>> would produce a result with any meaning to it at all?
>>Perhaps only which systems have more problems (or which systems have more
>>consciencious users that actually read <>).
> I guess I'll keep making the observation that any poll would be
> worthless as long as people seem to be ignoring that fact and still
> coming up with alternate ways of polling.

download count for setup.exe should be a reliable statistics.

> We are not dropping support for older Windows systems.

how about the following maintenance nightmare: detect SFU at configure
time and use them as detected, then distribute two versions:
traditional win32 for older systems and SFU-based for NT-derivatives.

Sam Steingold ( running w2k
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If abortion is murder, then oral sex is cannibalism.

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