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problem with mkgroup -d DOMAIN

Dear cygwin experts,

I encountered some problems with the mkgroup command during
my trial to get cygwin running on a Windows 2003 server machine
(Topic: running the latest cygwin on a windows 2003 server)

The domain controller is a Linux system running Samba for file
system sharing.

The 'mkpasswd -d DOMAIN' command works fine and I did
append this information to /etc/passwd

The 'mkgroup -d DOMAIN' command, however, failed for
some reason I don't know, yet. The output is:

LookupAccountName (\\Host, Domain Admins) failed with error 1332
LookupAccountName (\\Host, Domain Users) failed with error 1332

For the entire cygwin tree the user of the files is administrator
and the group is mkgroup (!?). Even with chgrp I am not able
to temporarily change the group to 'Users' for example.

Actually, even after reading the user's guide I have some problems
on understanding the grouping scheme. Why do I have the following
entry in my /etc/group?


and how is it mapped to the users that are taken from the
domain controller generated passwd database?

Thanks for any help


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