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simple newbie init question

I have installed Cygwin 1.5.5 on a Win2000 box. I included all of the
packages, just to be safe. But I can't figure out where to add services
to the init process. cygwin.bat starts the bash shell fine and I have
set the PATH and some variables there.

I want to start PostgreSQL and cvs only when I have the Cygwin session
window open. Where do I put the commands? I have created a script to
start and stop these services from the command line, but would really
like to automate the process.

I am more familiar with the way SuSE works and following the RedHat
reference guide did not help. I searched the archives and the Cygwin
documentation but didn't find anything that addresses starting and
stopping services when using the bash shell.

I did see someone mention a .bash-shutdown file. Is there also a
.bash-startup file and where would it go? Or am I supposed to use the
/etc/defaults/etc/bash.bashrc file?


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