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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] New Package Available: perl-libwin32-0.191-1

On Wed, Jan 21, 2004 at 05:12:27PM -0500, Rafael Kitover wrote:
> Description
> =====================================
> The libwin32 Perl library that provides access to the Win32 API, and is
> installed by default with ActivePerl, is now available as a Cygwin package.
> The CORE Win32 methods in ActivePerl such as Win32::GetLastError() (see man
> Win32 or perldoc Win32) are also available as an extension.
> Also included is version 0.0.670 of the actively developed Win32::GUI library,
> providing access the Win32 graphical APIs.
> A lot of this functionality is already available through the /proc interface
> and various utilities bundled with Cygwin, but this allows greater
> compatibility with CPAN modules and various scripts written for ActivePerl on

exceedingly cool...

Just curious, but are the code patches to do this merged into the standard 
distributions (ie: the standard libwin32 api (which I think is with perl itself)?
And does this work in mingw mode (ie: with -mno-cygwin)?  

Thanks much,


(ps - also, do you know the difference perchance between Win32::GUI and 
Win32::GUITest? Can you do mouse events, supply keys to applications, etc?

pps - as for the other Win32:: modules, do you know their status 
(Win32::AdminMisc, etc)? I'd very much like to be able to do pretty much 
everything I can do with ActiveState under cygwin (and possibly mingw) 
perl, and that means setting up services, setting environment variables, testing
GUIs via sending keystrokes and mouse-events, modifying registry varbs, etc. 
libwin32 does some of this stuff, but not all...

anyways, thanks again - even if this other stuff isn't implemented, the libwin32_api
is a start..

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