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Re: rsh as NONE SYSTEM user = permission denied

Thanks for a not very helpful response there Larry.
Some of us do search the archives before asking questions you know.

The real reason for this is the way the is root user checking is being done.
i.e. if the service user = the login user then it treats it as the "root" login
case which is not necessarily the case but as long as you know that
its ignoring the hosts.equiv file and only reading the users .rhosts file
its easy to work around.
Also of note is that the current hosts.equiv format is not documented
and doesn't conform to the current unix standards. That's to say that
the current code only supports:
<hostname> <user>
>From the current basic hosts.equiv / .rhosts format

I've currently got a patch for inetutils util library which when linked
directly fixes these issues all be it not totally. The fix provides:
<hostname> +
<hostname> <user>
<hostname> -<user>

As well as adding more descriptive errors on login failure by using
the error passed from iruserok if applicable.

If anyone would like the patch just shout. N.B. this only fixes the inetutils
library and not the core cygwin libs which are linked by default.


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Larry Hall" 
To: "Steven Hartland" 
Sent: 19 January 2004 16:36
Subject: Re: rsh as NONE SYSTEM user = permission denied

> At 08:02 AM 1/19/2004, Steven Hartland you wrote:
> >Has anyone gotten rsh to work with a none system
> >user? I've followed the guide inetutils-1.3.2.README.
> >telnet works fine but a simple:
> >rsh -l myuser "ls /"
> >fails with:
> >Permission denied.
> >
> >Anyone got any ideas? N.B. anyway of getting a log file
> >out of rshd?
> Yes.  Please visit:
> >Problem reports:
> and provide the requested information.  Also the output of 'cygcheck rsh'
> just before you would invoke 'rsh' would be helpful.

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