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RE: Win XP crash with inetd ftp server

On Thu, 22 Jan 2004, Dave Korn wrote:

> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of Charles L. Werner
> > My XP Professional SP1 system had a kernel crash apparently
> > related to the tcpip,  related  I believe to the inetd
> > service running Here is the event information
> >
> > Symbolic name:
> > Error code 0000004e, parameter1 00000002, parameter2
> > 00000058, parameter3 0007ff2f, parameter4 00000001.
> >
> > The network adapter os a 3Com Gigabit LOM (3c940)
> >
> > Attached is the cygcheck -svr and the output of netstat -a
> >
> > Have others experienced system crashes with the cygwin inetd service?
> > this has happened several times.
> >
> > When I disabled the inetd service, the sudden crashes ceased.
>   Nonetheless, the odds are that this is only indirectly caused by running
> an ftp server.  My bet is that your network card has a buggy driver.  Error
> 0x4e means the virtual memory page frame number list has been corrupted.
> Only a kernel-mode device driver could hope to achieve this.  It may be the
> case that the bug in the device driver is triggered by some ioctl that
> cygwin happens to send that most win32 applications don't, but your best bet
> is still going to be surfing the 3com website and seeing if there's a newer
> version of the driver.
>   If you have windbg and the xp debugging symbols installed, you could check
> the memory.dmp file that was created by the bsod.  Or you might wish to run
> the driver verifier on it in order to show that the driver definitely was or
> was not at fault.  However these are fairly advanced topics and it really
> doesn't look like this is a cygwin problem.
>     cheers,
>       DaveK

Yeah.  See <>. ;-)
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