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Re: launching GUI programs via command-line ssh

Actually, most of the first ten or so hits are outdated.  David, you can
simply add the "-i" (--interactive) flag to cygrunsrv when setting up sshd
(you can temporarily edit the ssh-host-config script -- line 556 for
Win2003, line 563 otherwise).  Note that this will cause a CMD window to
pop up for the sshd process (can't be avoided).

Perhaps we should add a "-i" option to ssh-host-config (using the attached
patch)?  Corinna, what do you think?

On Thu, 22 Jan 2004, Brian Ford wrote:

> Start here:
> On Thu, 22 Jan 2004, DAVID SPEAR wrote:
> > I have been searching for a way to use "su" on my Win2K machine... from the
> > reading I've done in this group the easiest way is to run ssh and log in as
> > Administrator.  An excellent solution, and one that works for me.  I am curious
> > as to how I might launch a Windows application from my root ssh command line to
> > display within my non-priveleged-user Win2K login session.
> >
> > I guess I'm looking for the Windows equivilant of the X environment commands:
> >
> > unixhost% xhost +Administrator
> > unixhost% setenv DISPLAY localhost:0.0
> >
> > so that if I wanted to run, say, the Event Viewer as root it would display it
> > within my current logon session.

2004-01-22  Igor Pechtchanski  <>

	* ssh-host-config: Add --interactive-service parameter.

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