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Python packaging bug? [Attn: Jason Tishler]

Hi, Jason,

I'm not sure if this is a bug (hence the question mark in the subject),
but the two python scripts in /usr/bin ("idle" and "pydoc") refer to
/usr/bin/python.exe in their #! line.  Is there a particular reason why
they don't just use /usr/bin/python?  I know it makes no difference in
Cygwin, but it might be confusing.  Also, I looked at the Python sources,
and the sample scripts there contain '#! /usr/bin/env python' (not
/usr/bin/python.exe).  I'm guessing that this somehow gets changed in, but don't know enough Python to find exactly where this happens.
This "problem" has been present since at least python-2.3-2 (maybe
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