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Re: installation freezes at /usr/bin/idle

Hm.  Something's not right here.  Let's see if we can start with the 
basics.  Can you invoke 

  <Cygwin install drive>:<Cygwin install directory>\bin\cygcheck -s -r -v

If so, send the output *as an attachment* to the list.  That will give us
some idea of the state you're in.


At 03:57 AM 1/23/2004, Ling F. Zhang you wrote:
>I can click "Cancel" but then it give me an err msg:
>cannot open /usr/.../setup.log for writing
>I checked writing permission to the folder and it
>checks out. I used two different mirror
>and same thing....
>--- Larry Hall <> wrote:
>> At 11:04 PM 1/22/2004, Ling F. Zhang you wrote:
>> >I am doing a full installtion with all src
>> selected,
>> >and when it's installing
>> >
>> >Python-2.3.3-1
>> >/usr/bin/idle
>> >
>> >The program uses 100% CPU, and doesn't do anything
>> for
>> >long time. I am using a p4 1.7G, 512 RDRAM, 120GB
>> HDD
>> >(lots of space remaining), WIN2K3 Standard...anyone
>> >has the same problem?
>> Google may be able to help answer that question:
>> But I didn't have that problem and I have
>> Python-2.3.3-1 installed.
>> Maybe you just got a bad package/mirror.  Try
>> checking the md5sum 
>> of the python package to see if it's corrupt or
>> something.
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