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Re: 'entrypoint __getreent missing' problem in the binary distribution files for Windows ! How to proceed, how to report the bug ?

Hello again !

( at first, I get the digest version of the messages, so I can´t reply in the thread :-( )

I did a complete download at 2003-11-29, with which I encountered the problems with the "__getreent missing" messages of the G++ compiler and other tools. So I beg your pardon, that I reported this expericence so "lately".

Now with download of 2004-01-24, at least G++ is running, so my problem is particially solved. I did not check the other packages.

The "only" useful update technology for me as Windows users, is to use WS_FTP by doing a recursive directory download, so that just "new" files ( not yet existing on my local computer) were downloaded, PLUS setup.bz2.

Due to this process, I realize:


does not contain updated files since 2003-10.

So the "critical" "bad" component is probably



If I am right, note that
is of 2004-01-19, so that my posting is just "superfluous" since a few days.

****** I just would like to advice other newbies and experts, IF they run into such problems, to post it here in the list !

**** Thanks to "Homar Simpson" for support and agreeing to my message in this mailing list.

But I can´t agree with his conclusion
In my opinion, not all binary packages wasn't recompiled with the newest
cygwin1.dll, so the problems with missing entrypoints only can solved with
recompiling hole.
as with the same-old GCC, but with new cygwin base package, G++ works now !

This problems was reporting from me last quarter '03 - i think september,
shortly after released > cygwin 1.5.
Exactly, so
is the bad package, from my point of view.

As some of the packages of 2003-11 were running, like GCC, but some like G++ NOT,

Might the team consider to delete or ??update?? the "critical"
components from the FTP download, so that nobody is mislead to download and use a corrupt release of cygwin- ? As I am a newbie, I don´t know about the practice and rules with this project.

is a working solution !

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