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Re: 'entrypoint __getreent missing' problem in the binary distribution files for Windows ! How to proceed, how to report the bug ?

From: Rolf Hemmerling
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2004 05:26:59 +0100

The "only" useful update technology for me as Windows users, is to use WS_FTP by doing a recursive directory download, so that just "new" files ( not yet existing on my local computer) were downloaded, PLUS setup.bz2.


The *ONLY* useful update technology for a Windows user is to use the setup.exe program. It's the only thing that guarantees that you'll download a consistent and fully working cygwin setup. By the way, are you under the impression that there are many non-Windows users of cygwin?

Due to this process, I realize:


does not contain updated files since 2003-10.

So the "critical" "bad" component is probably



If I am right,

Stop right there. You aren't right. You're very very wrong. You downloaded a mismatched set of files because you used the wrong, unsupported, and very very difficult to get right method of doing it manually, when you should have been using the very very simple and guaranteed correct method of using setup.exe

so that my posting is just "superfluous" since a few days.

Nope, your posting was superfluous from the word go.

****** I just would like to advice other newbies and experts, IF they run into such problems, to post it here in the list !

But at least take people's word for it when they give you the answer to your problem!

**** Thanks to "Homar Simpson" for support and agreeing to my message in this mailing list.

But I can´t agree with his conclusion

Wow! "Homer Simpson supports me, but he's wrong." D'oh!


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