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Re: Fix for sshd service start failure problem

On Sat, Jan 24, 2004 at 03:57:53PM -0500, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
>On Sat, 24 Jan 2004, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>Just a datapoint: The mirror list is updated twice a day.  It checks
>>that the most current package on is available on the
>>mirror.  If the mirror is not current, it is marked.  If, on the next
>>scan, it is still not current, it is dropped from the list until it
>>becomes current.  So, mirrors should not be out-of-date for more than
>>48 hours.
>Nice.  This won't work for custom mirrors or hand-entered URLs, however
>(and yes, they're unsupported).

Uh, correct.  The program won't go onto all of the machines in the world
who have ever run setup.exe and update things on their local disk nor
will it update people's home run mirrors.  It is just a cron job running
on, updating local files.

>Oh, and would it be possible to eventually store the date of the last
>mirror update (at a guess, the setup.bz2 timestamp?)

No, it's not the setup.bz2 timestamp.

>in the mirrors.txt file?

No.  The mirrors.txt file is not a generated file.  If you are
ambitious, I guess you could check the update time of the mirrors.lst
file which is what setup.exe uses, AFAIK.  The mirror state is in
mirrors.state but it's just a boolean value per mirror.  It's no more
useful than the mirrors.lst file, AFAICT.

>I'm thinking of having setup display the last-update date and the ping
>information for each mirror,

The only information available is whether the mirror is current or not.
All of the mirrors are pinged at roughly the same time.


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