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Re: ssh configuration that is pulling my hair out!

At 12:21 PM 1/26/2004, Jose Gilberto Torres you wrote:

>>I feel like a broken record on this subject.  If you followed the
>>instructions for setting up sshd under Cygwin from a different site,
>>why are you asking for help here on the Cygwin list when you are having
>>problems with instructions garnered from another site? !=  Even the page you reference above says
>Well excuse me.  I understand you feel like a broken record and I apoligize for asking this particular question regarding this matter.   
>Anyway, if this is such a commonly asked question, shouldn't be in a FAQ document or something around that? 

Hm, interesting theory.  I guess the logic escapes me.  I don't understand
the reasoning by which someone uses configuration information from another 
site to set up a Cygwin package, has a problem, and then decides to come to 
the Cygwin site looking for help.  Why is that the obvious course of 

I'd be happy to propose an FAQ entry if I thought it would help.
Perhaps you'd want to suggest how one might word such an FAQ
such that it makes sense but doesn't sound condescending or obvious to 
those that would read it.  All I can come up with is:

Q: If I configure my Cygwin packages using instructions from another site 
   rather than those provided with the package and have problems, can I ask 
   the Cygwin mail list for help resolving these problems?

A: No.  You need to go back to the site from which you got the instructions 
   and ask there.  Alternatively, use the instructions and/or scripts that
   come with the Cygwin package.  If you use the instructions and/or scripts 
   that are part of the Cygwin package and have problems, you can then 
   consult the Cygwin mail list after reading and following 

Just seems to me like this is saying don't call the gas company to complain
about service you got from the plumber you hired.  The plumber is the one 
you should be talking to.  Doesn't this make sense?  If it doesn't, then 
perhaps an entry for the FAQ could be crafted to address this issue.  
Otherwise, adding what should be obvious to the FAQ isn't going to pass 
muster.  The FAQ isn't the place for the obvious.  

So, why wasn't this obvious to you?  I'm not being sarcastic.  I really 
want to know.

Larry Hall                    
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