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Problem with DLLs and processes


I have a question regarding the dynamically linked libraries in Cygwin.
When I compile my program under cygwin it uses the dlls. And then during the runtime it loads all the functions from the dll.
A similar story we have under Linux when one uses the .lo or .so files. However I want to use the compiles program on another
machine which does not have the cygwin suite. Under Linux I just specify the option -STATIC and then the program contains all the data
needed by the program. I can take it on another machine, which does not have the library and run it. I suppose under cygwin I can do the same, but nowhere in the docs it is written how.

Could someone tell me how to compile a program so that it contains all the functions needed by it in the exe file???

Can I use my own dlls written in Visual Studio or Borland C++ with the programs compiled under cygwin? Can anyone tell me how ????

The next question is regarding the priorities of the processes. Under Linux I can set priorities of the process so that they use less CPU power. Is it possible to do this in cygwin and if yes how????

The last problem is with the NOHUP command. when I type

MYPROG.exe > info.txt &nohup

everything works fine, but when I leave the console (bash) the process is being killed automatically. Does anyone know how to quit console (bash) and keep the process running???

Thanks a lot for help,

Kind regards,

Przemyslaw Sliwa


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