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ssh-add hangs on Windows 95


I have successfully installed the latest (22 Jan 04) Cygwin release on 3
computers: 2 running Windows 2000 and one running Windows 95. I can now
successfully access my CVS repository remotely from any of these machines,
using the Cygwin ssh and cvs utilities, which was my primary goal.

In the bash shell I also run "ssh-agent $SHELL" followed by "ssh-add", and
this works fine on the Windows 2000 machines. However, on my Windows 95
machine "ssh-add" simply hangs. Once this has happened the incidence of
blue-screen-of-death memory errors increases markedly. However, ssh-add does
not itself crash with a memory-error screen or return any error messages --
it just hangs. I tried changing the permissions on the files in my ~/.ssh
directory, but (as I see from other postings) chmod has little or no effect
in Win 95. In any case, the key files should be OK because they work fine
for ssh and remote cvs calls: only ssh-add seems to have a problem.

My Win 95 system is a Pentium 166 MHz with 64 MB RAM. I'm not running any
exotic background software. What have I done wrong?


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