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Re: ssh-add hangs on Windows 95

At 05:59 AM 1/27/2004, Trevor Vaughan you wrote:
>I have successfully installed the latest (22 Jan 04) Cygwin release on 3
>computers: 2 running Windows 2000 and one running Windows 95. I can now
>successfully access my CVS repository remotely from any of these machines,
>using the Cygwin ssh and cvs utilities, which was my primary goal.
>In the bash shell I also run "ssh-agent $SHELL" followed by "ssh-add", and
>this works fine on the Windows 2000 machines. However, on my Windows 95
>machine "ssh-add" simply hangs. Once this has happened the incidence of
>blue-screen-of-death memory errors increases markedly. However, ssh-add does
>not itself crash with a memory-error screen or return any error messages --
>it just hangs. I tried changing the permissions on the files in my ~/.ssh
>directory, but (as I see from other postings) chmod has little or no effect
>in Win 95. In any case, the key files should be OK because they work fine
>for ssh and remote cvs calls: only ssh-add seems to have a problem.
>My Win 95 system is a Pentium 166 MHz with 64 MB RAM. I'm not running any
>exotic background software. What have I done wrong?

See :

>Problem reports:

My WAG is you need to try the latest snapshot <>
but the information that the problem report page asks for would help 
confirm that.

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