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Re: porting bsd-games for cygwin

> I was working with Joseph S. Myers who maintains bsd-games and
> was able to port most of them.

Ah, yes, I was supposed to get back to you on what I'd done to get
things running...

> I had a few problems where it is felt that cygwin should be updated
> to handle the situations.  These problems are cygwin specific and
> Linux handles them already.

I mostly just went and searched for the appropriate things in include
directories and subdirectories until I found them.  Perhaps not
optimal, but it worked for me.

> 1. I needed err.h and err.c from
>   From

No argument here.  I downloaded and compiled them separately into
each program that needs them.  There was some talk, long ago, about
bringing in "newlib", which apparently incorporates them...?

> 2. I needed include/endian.h
>   and  include/bits/endian.h from my linux box.

Apparently I used #include <asm/byteorder.h> in monop/cards.c,
and #include <sys/param.h> in gomoku.h.  They had the right
elements in them, anywya.

> 3. There was no include/ifaddrs.h ... not sure what to do here.

Where was this?  I couldn't find it by grepping...

> 4.  The shell does not handle (?) in case statements
>   To get it to work I had to change "(?)" to "?)"

Don't remember this one, either.

> 5. LINE_MAX (normally 2048) was undefined

I found it in <sys/syslimits.h>

> 6. brk is not defined

That's for the monop save/restore code, and there's a really a better
way to do that than copying the entire memory to a file.  I've never
seen it work on any system, in my years of playing monop.  I started
working on a system of saving just the necessary information and reading
it back, but I haven't really implemented it yet.

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