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Re: perlcc does not work on my cygwin-please help

Thanks Ed but the reason I want perlcc is because I have other problems that
I hoped will be gone once I got this perlcc issue done.
I cannot compile perl modules from CPAN. They are tested on cygwin but on my
system I get same errors as perlcc. It does not find some header files like
perl.h and XSUB.h etc... This files were installed by the cygwin setup on my

"Edward S. Peschko" <> wrote in message">
> On Tue, Jan 27, 2004 at 07:08:48PM +0200, Pinhas Krengel wrote:
> > perlcc does not work on my cygwin (win XP). I have tried to re-install
> > cygwin, read the assorted documents but can not figure out what is
> > It seems to be a very basic problem as it reports error of not finding
> > file that are installed in my perl package. For example perl.h is not
> > The file is on my system at
> > /lib/perl5/5.8.2/cygwin-thread-multi-64int/CORE/perl.h. A place where
> > selected to install it.
> > I use mingw as the gcc compiler. It was recommended to install it not
> > cygwin.
> > /cygdrive/c/pini_prog/MinGW/bin/gcc
> > bash-2.05b$ cygpath -w /
> > C:\pini_prog\cygwin
> >
> > Please help me to get a clean installation. Is there a file that is a
> > by step guide.
> > Many thanks,
> > Pinhas
> If you are looking just to make standalone executables, you might want to
look at
> PAR instead. It works via packing up all the dependencies in a script into
> a zip file that acts like an executable. You can then transfer that
> from place to place.
> works great, and works (with the -c and -e option) for things that perlcc
> even touch. (like runtime requres and config files that come with a given
> module.)
> Ed

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