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Re: cygwin processes and system'ed processes using 100% CPU

Dave Korn wrote:

> >
>   I've read that message a dozen times, and I can't make head or tail of it.
>   It seems to be saying that you can post to the list in a special way that
> adds a "Reply-To" header to your post with your own email address in it.
> Alternatively, you can post to the normal address and your post won't get a
> "Reply-To" header added to it.
>   ISTM that in case 1), replies will go to the "Reply-To" address, i.e.
> yourself, whereas in case 2), replies will go to the "From" address, i.e.
> yourself.
>   There's obviously something about this that I'm just not getting.  Spare
> clue, anyone?  In particular, is there some way of forcing replies to go to
> the list and *not* to yourself ?

What Chris didn't explicitly say in that message was that "set the
Reply-To header" means "set the Reply-To header to the list address." 
So if you follow the directions, your posts will have a "Reply-To:" header automatically added.


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