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Re: (now OT) cygwin processes and system'ed processes using 100% CPU

Steven Hartland wrote:
> Brian Dessent wrote:
> > *sigh*  No, that's how mailing lists are supposed to work.  Lists where
> > the ML software forces the Reply-To to the list address are broken.  See
> > <>  In fact, you'll find
> > that the mailing list software used here does nothing to the Reply-To
> > header, it honors whatever you set it to.  So if you want replies to go
> > to the list, you should set it to the list address.
> I'd say that was purely your opinion. I'm a member of well over 30 server /
> development lists and this one is the only one that behaves in this manor
> and it is the most annoying thing. Its the same as the argument about
> top posting its purely down to the fact that "rules" are outdated and need
> be dragged kicking and screaming into this century.

Did you even read that link?  It pretty much addresses your argument
directly.  And yes, top posting is stupid and must die, even if it's
very common these days.  Common != Right.

And by the way, I too subscribe to dozens of email lists.  The clueful
ones (Debian, FreeBSD, Unix user groups, etc) tend to be the ones that
don't munge Reply-To headers, and tend to be filled with people that
understand how email works.  The ones festering with top-posting, HTML
email, rude people who quote entire digests to reply, improper quoting,
and all the other bad netiquette that makes email unpleasant tend to be
the ones that munge.

> P.S. I see your mail sets so I assume from
> you comments you manually set the Reply-To or do you not like the
> principle you are trying to covert and have used the "broken" ML version :P

Nowhere did I say that "setting Reply-To to the list" is evil.  It's the
"make the mailing software do it all the time for everybody,
automatically" that's bad.

And no, I'm not doing it by hand.  Chris F hacked up a simple method for
subscribers to specify their preference for this to the software.


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