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Re: G++ for CygWin

Dave wrote:


>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of Dylan Cuthbert

>> (gnu separated out its frontend from its backend with v3.3)

>   Not quite sure what you're getting at here.  I can't see anything in the
> architecture of v3.3 that's changed from how it's always been done, or
> anything that could be described as having been separated into frontend and
> backend; nor could I find anything at the gcc website in the release
> announcement for 3.3 that I could understand as meaning what you say there.

There are always sveral packages at the download mirrors where you fetch
the GCC source, one which includes all and several smaller packages.
These smaller packages are gcc-core which includes the backend and the
C-frontend and the other small packages include the other frontends.
Cygwin GCC comes in addition to these packages with a pascal frontend.

If you want to install g++ you'll need the package `gcc-g++`, this pulls
automatically the backend package which is currently named `gcc' (may be
changed to `gcc-core') and the according MinGW packages.  Similar with
`gcc-java' and the others. 

Eventually I will add the installation of `gcc-g++' as an requirement to
the basic GCC installation since in previous releases it was one larger
package which includes gcj, g++, g77 and gcc and the actual compilers
and headers and the users are still used to get g++ automatically with
this one huge package.  Since I included also the frontends for Ada,
ObjC and Pascal, the package would be really large and we already had
lots of complaints about the size of the old gcc package (mainly since
java was included), so it was separated.


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