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Re: Cut-down Cygwin on a USB Memory Stick?

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

On Wed, 28 Jan 2004, zzapper wrote:

Hi Y'All

Anyone investigated putting a cutdown version of CygWin onto a memory
stick (128MB or bigger).
What would you need the dlls vim,find,grep,ls etc??

zzapper (vim & cygwin & zsh)

Sure. Google for "Cygwin on CD". Some issues (mostly having to do with the read-onlyness of CDs) won't come up with the memory stick, others will (/etc/passwd contents, for example). As for what's needed, here's a simple recipe:

Step 1: Find all the programs you'd like to have, copy them to a directory
on your hard drive.

Step 2: Change to that directory and run "cygcheck *.exe".

Step 3: Copy all the non-Windows DLLs listed in Step 2 into the directory.

Step 4: Move the whole directory to the memory stick and rename it to "bin".

Another minor point which I found useful for USB keying is to look up "upx"ing (available in cygwin, although the closed-source version gets better compression) all of the executables and dlls. you can get some fair reduction in space requirements and definatly if you use a USB 1.1 device you'll probably find a speed improvement too.


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