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Re: run programs typed under cygwin under W2K

On Wed, 28 Jan 2004 16:15:16 +0100, Skippy the Kangoo <> wrote:

Igor Pechtchanski a Ãcrit :

J'ai lu sur Internet que l'on pouvait faire tourner un programme sous windows compiler sous cygwin, mais je n'ai plus l'adresse et je ne connais pas non plus la methode a adopter

My French writing and speaking is not what it used to, but thanks God for rhe reading :-) Besides, this is an English speaking mailing list.

You can certainly use Cygwin's GNU gcc and GNU binutils ports to create native Win32 executables instead of MS's propietary compilers, by using the "-mno-cygwin" option and the w32api libraries included in the distribution.

But... If you are not familiar with Unix style toolchains, I believe you'd have a better chance of success with Mingw's win32 native port of GNU gcc and GNU binutils ( combined with an MSVC style IDE such as Dev-C++ ( As a matter of fact Mingw and Cygwin win32 native compilers share a common develpment tree.


kenkon itteki
python -c "print '64726164756c406574622e6e65742e636f'.decode('hex')" to reach and touch.

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