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Re: Installation on Windows 2K server

On Wed, 28 Jan 2004, Christina Kingsberry wrote:

> I'm having trouble trying to download the setup files
> for cygwin.  The computer that I'm trying to download
> the files to is outside of our FW.  Not sure if that's
> part of the problem or not.

If you could get setup.exe from the Cygwin website, I'm assuming you can
access outside networks with your browser.  Try using the "Use IE5
Settings" connection mode in setup.exe, and select an http mirror (if your
firewall blocks ftp connections).

If this doesn't work, read on...

> Question, is there a way to get the latest version on
> a CD or a way to download packages to another machine
> so that I can copy them to a cd to install.  I'm
> interested in all of the packages.

Yes.  Use the "Download from Internet" mode on another machine; copy
setup.exe to your local cache directory, and burn the whole directory to a
CD.  Note that some CD burners may have problems with long directory names
that setup.exe creates in the local cache directory, so try picking a
mirror that produces a short enough directory name.  Also note that
setup.exe used to have trouble running from the CD root, so when moving
the local cache directory to the CD, move the whole directory, not just
the contents.  Oh, and watch your disk space -- with some newly-uploaded
packages, the full download size might well be over 600M.

Then, on the other machine, use the "Install from Local Directory" mode to
install the packages from the CD.

> Oh, I'm trying to do the install on a Windows 2K
> Server.  I've been able to successfully install the
> software to machines inside the FW.  Just not sure how
> to get the required files onto a cd to install on the
> other PC.
> Thanks in advance.
> Please email any suggestions to cmk308<at>yahoo<dot>com

Hope this helps,
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to the bathroom is a major career booster."  -- Patrick Naughton

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