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[Fwd: Cygwin NFS Server]


  I've redirected this to the Cygwin mailing list -
other folks may have these questions as well.

> Sorry if this is a particularly boneheaded question,
> but where can I find some documentation to help me
> set up NFS Server on Cygwin?

You can find documentation for most packages under

Cygwin-specific documentation (including the nfs-server
docs) are located under /usr/share/doc/Cygwin.

Man pages are also provided - 'man nfsd', 'man mountd',

> I am new to Cygwin, but I have successfully installed
> in on my Win2K machine, including NFS Server. I ran
> nfs-server-config and although it complained about my
> mounts being non-system (they are system, so I ignored the
> warning) it seemed to start the services OK.

Could you please post the output from running mount?

> I edited the /etc/exports file to add a single entry
> to export a subdirectory, but now what?
> Usually I would run exportfs (I think, I am not an NFS
> expert either) but there doesn't seem to be such a beast.

You can restart mountd and nfsd, ex:

  cygrunsrv --stop "mountd"
  cygrunsrv --stop "nfsd"
  cygrunsrv --start "mountd"
  cygrunsrv --start "nfsd"

Or you can just send the processes a SIGHUP to tell them
to reread the exports file:

  kill -s 1 <mountd-pid>
  kill -s 1 <nfsd-pid>

> SO... I looked for a man page or README or something, but
> I couldn't find it (I did not install all the
> I have to?)

Location of docs and man pages I've already described.
No, you shouldn't need to install the source, unless
you want to work on providing a patch for something :-)



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