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Re: setup change this year?

At 06:38 PM 1/29/2004, Rutten, Mark you wrote:

>Is there something different about the way that "setup" runs since Christmas?
>I have a local mirror of the cygwin packages (neatened up using Michael Chase's clean_setup perl script) which I access across the local network.  I always call setup with the "-5" option (no md5 checks).
>All was working fine last year, now setup bogs down my machine (excessive processor usage by the "system" process) after parsing the setup.ini file.  My first impression is that setup is doing the md5 checks without telling me that it is, but I can't be sure.  My main confusion stems from the fact that there hasn't been any changes in the setup program since last October(ish) - I'm using version 2.416.
>If anyone could please give me some hints, that would be fantastic.

Sounds like a local network problem if you're actually just using a local 
mirror and not just using it in addition to other mirrors on the Internet.
That's just a WAG though.  Perhaps you want to visit:


You can pull down 2.418 (really just adds resizable controls) and see if
it acts differently.  You can also pull down the debug version of 2.415.
If it acts similarly, it would give you a quick basis to debug from, 
without having to rebuild 2.416.  But if you're really serious about 
finding your problem, building 2.416 as debug locally is probably your
best course of action.

Larry Hall                    
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Holliston, MA 01746                     

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