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Re: C COM objects?

At 06:43 PM 1/29/2004, Brian Ford you wrote:
>I admit to know almost nothing about COM objects, but I have been tasked
>to find out if they can be built from code that uses cygwin1.dll services.
>Searching for Cygwin and COM on the web, and in the archives, is difficult
>for the obvious .com reason.
>What I think I do know is that C++ COM objects are probably out because of
>name mangling and vtable issues.  I am still unclear about whether the
>libs that implement COM use msvcrt*.dll.  I assume if that is true, then
>all COM objects are out because of the newlib conflict.
>Any pointers to C COM object examples or information about using Cygwin
>based code in them would be *greatly* appreciated.  If you feel this
>subject is too far OT, then please feel free to ignore my Reply-To header
>and send me personal email.  Thanks.

COM doesn't require MSVCRT, though it doesn't preclude it either.  So,
depending on what you're doing and what you're using in COM-land, it's 
possible to dodge the MSVCRT bullet.

COM is language independent, which means it's possible to use COM
objects from C code.  I've never done this though.  I remember some
rumblings about people successfully "working with COM" under Cygwin
but it was long ago and I don't remember any details.


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