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RE: setup change this year?

One of your local mirror files is corrupt. 


 > -----Original Message-----
 > From: [] On
 > Of Rutten, Mark
 > Sent: Friday, 30 January 2004 9:09 AM
 > To: ''
 > Subject: setup change this year?
 > Is there something different about the way that "setup" runs since
 > Christmas?
 > I have a local mirror of the cygwin packages (neatened up using
 > Chase's clean_setup perl script) which I access across the local
 > I always call setup with the "-5" option (no md5 checks).
 > All was working fine last year, now setup bogs down my machine
 > processor usage by the "system" process) after parsing the setup.ini
 > file.  My first impression is that setup is doing the md5 checks
 > telling me that it is, but I can't be sure.  My main confusion stems
 > the fact that there hasn't been any changes in the setup program
 > last October(ish) - I'm using version 2.416.
 > If anyone could please give me some hints, that would be fantastic.
 > Thanks,
 > Mark.
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