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RE: Backing up my Cygwin installation


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> From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of Charles Plager

> missing a perl dll and that re-installing would help).  After 
> all of this, I said "**** it" and started a new cygwin installation.
> 	My question now is how do I backup up my cygwin 
> installation.  If I make a copy of all of c:\cygwin, is it 
> good enough to just delete the current c:\cygwin directory 
> and restore the backup?

  That'll work more-or-less fine, although I can think of a couple of other
places where cygwin keeps persistent state that you'd probably want to
backup at the same time:

1) The download directory where the package setup utility stores its records
of what's where and all its downloaded packages.

2) The cygwin registry entries under HKCU/Software/Cygnus Solutions/Cygwin
and HKLM/......etc.....

  If you were to backup a consistent set of those, a simple restore should
get everything back exactly how it was.

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