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Re: Problems with Emacs


* Another computer that just installed cygwin from scratch has the same problem with emacs and freezing with "loading mule-util...done" or "loading edmacro...done" on the bottom of the screen.

* I just grabbed the snapshot of the latest cygwin1.dll and I still have this problem.


Any ideas?


Larry Hall wrote:
At 01:23 PM 1/30/2004, Charles Plager you wrote:

  Before I managed to **** up my cygwin install, I had emacs 21.2.1 installed as well as an emacs package tramp installed.

Yesterday, I reinstalled cygwin from scratch choosing (among other packages) the latest version 21.2.12 of emacs. Most of the time I try to start the program (using X) , it launches o.k. But sometimes, the window pops up and it freezes taking all of the cpu (it says "loading ed mode"). I have repeatedly tried to uninstall and reinstall emacs and I keep getting the same errors.

Does anybody have any ideas? Has anybody else seen this?

Try installing the latest snapshot of the Cygwin DLL <>.

Larry Hall
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Holliston, MA 01746

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