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Re: Gold stars for a cygwin contributor

On Fri, 14 May 2004, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> I was just reviewing the gold star page and noticed that it's been
> almost a year since I pubicly acknowledged a contribution that Pierre
> Humblet has made to cygwin.
> We can't have that.
> Pierre has made changes to every part of cygwin.  He's even made
> contributions to the signal code -- both the old and the new.  Few people
> would understand how amazing that is.
> We haven't had a release in a long time that didn't have some sort of
> insightful fix from him.
> This next release will have some path handling speedups courtesy of
> Pierre and Corinna.
> And, he even supports what he changes...
> If Corinna and I are both hit by a bus, you know that cygwin development
> will continue, thanks to Pierre.
> Anyway, I'd just like to acknowledge his contributions and ask that he
> get five gold stars for his consistenty high quality contributions over
> the last three years.
> cgf

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