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RE: tcsh hangs after updating to cygwin 1.5.7-1. Expires with "Out of Memory"

> > > I have experienced exactly the same problem! On two different machines
> > > running XP.
> >
> > I'm running XP *and* I'm using tcsh on a regular basis and I'm not able
> > to reproduce that effect.
> Well, I know of at least one way to cause this problem!  My cygwin
> installation was running fine for over a year on an XP machine without
> any problems.  Today, out of nowhere, it starts giving me the "Out of
> memory" error whenever I try to run tcsh.

> Looking in that directory revealed that the .history file was huge.

This happened to me today also, on a 128 MB Windows 2000 SP4 machine.  All
was well until yesterday, when tcsh failed a couple of times, but it seemed
to be inconsistent.  Today tcsh crashed every time I invoked it without -f.

I discovered that my .history file was 53 MB in size!  This is with
	history	1024
	savehist	(1024 merge)
in my .login.

> wc .history
	0 3316299 53060768 .history

Examination of the .history file shows it to be garbage.  It contains
nothing but a sea of repeated copies of $prompt (when in $HOME, post
variable substitution).

Could there be a problem with the history save or merge code?

	cygwin 1.5.12-1
	tcsh 6.13.00-2


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