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Re: Issue in using xinetd service on windows

Sharma, Pallavi (GE Healthcare) wrote:
I forgot to mention it but yes I am starting this service using following command :

" net start xinetd"

This service is visible on Windows service Interface but when I run command "net start" to list all the servcies,
xinetd service is missing in the list. I can start this service by using command "net start xinetd" but to stop this service I cant use "net stop xinetd" as it gives error "The Cygwin xinetd service is not started. "

That's the behaviour I'm experiencing since I'm using xinetd.
Wild guess: Maybe after startup xinetd forks a new process which does
the aktual work and the originally started process is terminated.
Therefore the servicemanager is led to think that the service itself did
As stated above: that is just a wild guess. If you're really want to
know what's going on, you should ask someone who does know - not me.

This is very strange problem. Any help will be appriciated.

Is this really a problem? You can stop the service by doing
/bin/kill -TERM <PID of xinetd>
If xou installed xinetd with the '-pidfile ...' parameter you can do
/bin/kill -TERM `cat <path to the pid-file>`


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