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RE: Why is cygwin cvs client so slow?

Wow!  You're not kidding - cygwin cvs performance is comparable to
native performance on local drives.

I'm obviously going to look through the archives to see previous
discussions of network drive performance.  In the meantime, do you know
if the problem is one that just lacked someone willing to work on it, or
if it is something intractable that would be difficult to fix?  I just
can't imagine what the cygwin dll is doing to treat local drives so

# I'm on a locale drive now.
$ pwd

# cygwin cvs is plenty fast on local drives
$ time cvs-cygwin.exe update -d locale
real    0m55.282s
user    0m5.749s
sys     0m42.937s

# 'native' cvs is only slightly faster
$ time cvs-cyclic.exe update -d locale
real    0m46.011s
user    0m0.015s
sys     0m0.031s

> Speculation isn't worth much.  But I'd suggest trying the 
> same thing on a local drive.  Network drives are s-l-o-w with 
> Cygwin.  

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