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Re: Bug: link.exe

Hughes, Bill wrote:

Christopher Faylor wrote:

On Wed, Jan 05, 2005 at 11:02:54AM +0100, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

The bottom line is, you can complain, but the better solution is to
make your environment more foolproof against changes in one part of
it. In case of MSDEV tools I suggest to put the MSDEV tool path in
front of the Cygwin paths.  It's what I'd do anyway.

Hmm. I have to wonder how often sound, practical advice like the above is taken as "negative".

Given that I've seen people claim to have been "flamed" here
for including
email addresses in the body of their messages, I think that
some people
set the bar a little low when interpreting email in a
negative context.

Agreed, I bet anyone who thinks that is flaming has never been anywhere near
Usenet :-).

FWIW (not much I know) if I've been an idiot I expect someone will tell me
as much, it's handy to be told how and why sometimes as I might not realise
for myself.
My impression is that it is people who only read the list somewhat
infrequently who think that 'certain people' are just mean (tm), anyone who
reads this a lot will understand the slow torture of the regularly dripping
tap. It's hard when from one persons point of view it's the same stupid
question or boneheaded suggestion AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN until you want
to get a hammer and, and... and from the other persona POV "I only asked a question". ARRRGGH.
I'm glad it's not me on this ML, but I've been there, as you can tell.


It's not flaming as much as the exceptionally derisive attitude that a few members have when responding to questions. Those users could provide valuable information or guidance in a lot more friendly manner than bluntly saying "fix it yourself and, while you're at it, why don't you start maintaining it too?". This is the Cygwin mailing list, which is here to support Cygwin, an open source project. Open source projects are typically community-minded projects with many members asking questions, providing feedback and mutual support on issues, and working together to improve the project. Projects don't prosper by have a few 'experienced' folks being rude and ticked off because other people are asking questions. If those 'experienced' users are that fed up with participating in the project then perhaps they should just take a deep breath and avoid sending a response to those questions at all. Sometimes silence is better. That way other members can chime in with useful information. Bear in mind that I'm only talking about a couple of folks... In general there are lots of helpful folks here.

If the question is an 'irritating' FAQ then just nicely point the user in the right direction.


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