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RE: Obscene content in cygwin file.

   Dear Cygwinistas:

Steve Baldwin [] offers:

> Maybe the package maintainer could consider building two 
> packages : a 'clean' fortune and rename the current package 
> to 'fortune-xxx'.  I have no idea how easy or difficult this 
> is, but it would satisfy both camps.

I second Steve.  Debian offers both `fortunes' and `fortunes-off'
("offensive"), which sounds like the way to go, and should ease the
`fortune' maintainer's life, as they're already split out.  See below
for gory details.

   Otherwise, my vote is

        [x] Don't care.  Can we go back to talking about how negative
            this list is now?

If I really want the offensive ones, I can dig them out of Debian for
myself.  :-)

                     Best wishes,

                                 Max Hyre

------------------------- gory details ----------------------------

The Debian packages can be found at\

> Package fortunes
>     * stable (games): Data files containing fortune cookies
>       9708-25: all

> There are far over 15000 different 'fortune cookies' in this
> package. You'll need the fortune-mod package to display the cookies.


> Package fortunes-off
>     * stable (games): Data files containing
>        offensive fortune cookies 9708-25: all

> This package contains 'fortune cookies' which some may consider to be
> offensive. Please do not install this package if you or your users are
> easily offended. You'll need the fortune-mod package to display the
> cookies.

   The `fortune-mod' package says

>    These are the machine-dependent parts of the fortune package,
> i.e. the fortune program and the programs used for generating the
> data files. The fortune package displays epigrams selected randomly
> from a selection of fortune files. This is an enhanced version of
> the BSD program. The data files (which can be shared) are contained
> in the 'fortunes-min', 'fortunes', and 'fortunes-off' packages.

   Cygwin could offer all three, or fold the appropriate parts of
`fortune-mod' into both the other two, but that's more (possibly
unnecessary) work.

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