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Re: Obscene content in cygwin file.

> >> [x] Not offended. Clean it up anyway. It's unprofessional in the
> >> extreme and can only result in embarassment and trouble.
> >
> > As a Christian, I agree with Gary. :)
> >
> As an atheist I always wonder why christians can "turn the other cheek"
> but cannot seem to muster how to turn their eyes away! If you don't like
> it then what stops you from simply not looking at it! Is something
> forcing you to use fortune or Cygwin or open and look at the contents of
> that file?!?
> [x] Because of the hub bub raised by the religious folk I had to
> download and check it out whereas if they just ignored it so would have
> I, proofing, once again, that by doing this they just draw more
> attention to it and cause more harm than good.

While I'd like to avoid the religion flamewar, I should point out that
I was only
presenting a parody of an earlier "As a Christian" post with a
different response.
My (failed) goal was to point out the absurdity of that poistion in an
unoffensive way.
Discussions of religion are off-topic for this list and could be moved
to cygwin-talk, or
better yet to alt.religion on Usenet.

To be clear, my voting position is that I don't think fortune should
be removed, but
the bug that puts the possibly offensive ones in plaintext should be
fixed like any
other bug.

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