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Re: Memory for large arrays in cygwin/g77

Dave Korn wrote:
It may also be possible to workaround the problem by fooling around with the
default stack allocation size; this can have knock-on effects which clear up the
reserved area of the process' memory map that error message is complaining

or for the full gory details,
and look up the "-Wl,--stack=XXXX" option. You might need to play around with
values for the stack size until you find one that helps!

Thanks for the "full gory details" links. They're a bit beyond me at first glance, but I will read them more carefully later. In the meantime, I can report that mucking about with the stack size via
"-Wl,--stack=XXXX" doesn't do anything useful to increase the maximum-array size supported by Cygwin g77 and gfc. Increasing it by, say, a factor of 2 over the default (2 MiB IIRC) causes the program to exit with no error message but no output. Smaller increases might allow a few extra bytes, but no more than that.

Mark Hadfield            "Ka puwaha te tai nei, Hoea tatou"
National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA)

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