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Re: fortune maintainer wanted and question for Corinna (was Re: Obscene content in cygwin file.)

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

That's cool.  Thanks for doing this.  The way you do it is probably
the best alternative.  I would find it very annoying if the offensive
jokes would just go away.  It doesn't matter if one loves or hates
these jokes, or if somebody feels offended.  It's a matter of free
choice.  Nobody has to read them, after all.

Yes and no, Corinna. Merely having them on the harddrive in a company computer could be construed as "creating a hostile work environment" -- leading to liability issues for the company and employment "issues" for the unsuspecting cygwin user.

I think the ROT13/-o is an OK compromise -- but IANAL, and some lawyer somewhere could probably make a case over this. Or claim to be able to do so, leading to those employment "issues" I mentioned.

ROT13/-o plus separating the xxx files into a separate package would be even better; then, it's on yer own head if you install fortune-xxx.

I'm definitely going to have to uninstall the fortune package at work -- probably even if the xxx content is "encrypted". My employer is lenient enough when it comes to "rogue" cygwin installations (e.g. not installed by the IT guys) but they'll get downright annoyed if employees create a liability problem for them by installing something that might offend another employee (e.g "create a hostile work environment")

Not a big deal; I can live without fortune at work. But even tho *I* don't care, my employer does -- and the computer belongs to them.


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