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Re: Obscene content in cygwin file.

> > That already carries a judgment reflecting your values. 
> > Certainly the people who included them in fortune thought otherwise.
> > 
> If they had thought otherwise, they wouldn't have included them in the first
> place.  As a licensed nerd mind-reader, I can tell you exactly the thought
> process involved here: "Teeeheeeheee!  I'm gonna add a bunch of dirty
> limericks to my program!  That'll compensate for my inability to obtain
> sex!"

Personally, I thought that them doing this was a sign of a more innocent time, 
where we didn't have to worry about every single word that came out of our 
mouth (or keyboard).

Seriously guy, your type is one of the primary reasons why the internet is 
getting - its not quite there yet, but getting - to be *no fun*. 
It was built on freedom and free-thinking, and the very fact that this 
conversation is taking place is a testimony to how bitter it has become.

If you don't want to install 'fortune', don't. A flag -o plus ROT13 
encryption on the rest of the content *should* be fine. Either that or a 
separate package called fortune-xxx ( having no objections to the content, 
I prefer fortune-risque myself). What's your problem with that?


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